"Welcome to Germany course"

Your exciting journey begins here

    It is all about understanding your new home and feeling at ease, confident and at home.

 Germany is a land of many traditions, historical sides, and buzzling cities. Germany offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern innovation. Our course supports you to understand and appreciate the cultural nuances that make Germany so special.

We will concentrate of those parts which will help you straight away to make "mistakes" in the new country. You will feel more relaxed by getting to know the structures which are underlying the German society, tradtions and habits.

Embrace the German way of life

Which are the first stereotypes that come to your mind when you think of Germany? Probably: punctuality and efficiency.

However, this is not a prejudice! It is true. Very true. We will lokk at theses aspects and give you an idea of how to handle this so you can leave a good first impression.

Most Germans have a very direct way of communicating which is very irritating for most expats. Many if my coachies have experienced this and felt hurt und misunderstood. By understanding this direct behaviour you will not take it personally against you.

The German work-life-balance is very good and we investigate together what could be good for you and  how you can make the most out of your spare time.


From the popular "Karneval" to Octoberfest and Christmas markets - there are many festvities and tradtions. You will get to know the major ones and the ones which are important in the region where you have moved to so you can participate and join the local community. This is a very good way to meet new people.




Along with the tradtion and festivities we will look at food. Very important to most Germans. Each region has their own speciality and of course, each festivity has their special traditional dish. From sausages and Schnitzel, to Knödel and Fischbrötchen, not to forget the famous wines and well-known beers. 

You will also be introduced to German dinner etiquette which differs a lot from other countries so you can be confident when you are invited



So get started: this course is the gateway to feeling at home in your new country!

Length and prices

Basic:             5 units à    90 minutes                 € 750,-

Detail:             10 units à  90 minutes                 € 1.400,-


The course can be booked as 1:1 or as a partner/ group course


Please contact me for a discovery call

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