Savour the Flavours of Germany

     Schnitzel, Sauerkraut and potatoes. Maybe  Schweinshaxe and sausages. And a lot of bread and beer. 

     These are  the typical answers when foreigners are being questioned about German food. 

Food is the heart and soul of any culture and Germany is no exception

Food is very important for us. We may not celebrate it in the same way as in Italy and France, but it is important to us. The classic ‘Abendbrot’ (= bread with cheese or sausage) is often replaced by hot food or pizza, which we quickly pop in the oven (as if we were a pizzaiolo...).


We embark on a culinary journey through Germany and look at the regional classics and the occasions at which they are cooked and eaten. 







Shopping is also part of eating. For many Germans, organic, regional and seasonal produce is important when shopping. For many expats, these are new topics: you can also buy food in Germany outside the supermarket. Especially the Wochenmarkt (weekly outside markets which are taking place through the whole year) are very popular and  a good place to explore and learn about regional and seasonal produce available. Each region in Germany has its specialties, from fresh berries and apples to artisanal cheeses and sausages or the much beloved aspargus.

Germany is famous for its bread. The German bread and the many rolls with the oh-so-long names confuse foreigners. That's why we virtually go to a bakery and ‘taste’ our way through the range on offer.


You will also be introduced to German dinner etiquette which differs a lot from other countries so you can be confident when you are invited








At the end, you will receive sometypical German recipes and a PDF with the German cooking terms.


Every bite tells a story. Let's start making delicious memories!

Kurslänge und Preise

5 x  90 Minuten         € 750,- inkl. VAT

BONUS:   Zoom meeting to prepare the typical Roullarde together  (or a vegetarian alternative)


The course can be booked as 1:1 or as a partner/ group course


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