How do the Germans tick?

Germans always drink beer. We have garden gnows sitting in our gardens and we mawn the lawn every saturday. We wear Dirndl and Lederhosen and love the Octoberfest. We eaat Schnitzel and Bretel. And of course, we are always on time - like the Deutsche Bahn. And we always work.

Unravel the Mystery of German behaviour

During your expat journey you will find yourself being puzzled by German behaviour. This can happen at work as well as in everyday life. To feel at home and to enjoy your life you it is essentiell to understand what is behind certain behaviour patterns.

There are many stereotypes when talking about the typical German person.

So let's ask ourselves together: Who is the typical German? What is important to us? What is prejudice? And what really corresponds to reality? Using various stereotypes, we look at life in Germany in 2024.


Our course dives deep into the German psyche, explaining the cultural norms and values that shape everyday life. You will finally understand why Sundays are so sacred or why directness is appreciated or  why Germans often pay seperately in restaurants – and you can use this new knowledge to enhance your interactions and relationships.


You'll learn the subtleties of social etiquette, the importance of personal space, and how to participate conversations with confidence. This newfound comprehension will help you feel more at ease, whether you're at a business meeting, at thee KiTa or public festivity.

Through your insights into the nature of Germans you will also understand  the typical directness in communication, the importance of how to interpret German body language, and the significance of eye contact.


Life in Germany is not the same everywhere. There are big differences between life in the countryside or in a small town, which is more ‘traditional’, and life in the vibrant big cities, which are more multicultural.


We will various materials. On the one hand, we use demographic analyses that give a factual indication of the typical German. On the other hand, we use surveys in video format in which people in Germany are asked about various topics. This includes songs, for example - because music is also a reflection of society. And fun!


The aim of the course is to gain a better and more diverse understanding of life in Germany. The overall effect for you  is better communication with colleagues, neighbours and the environment. It will enrich your expat stay in Germany.

Length and Prices

5 units   à 90 minutes         € 750,-


The course can be booked as 1:1 or as a partner/ group course


Please contact me for a discovery call

Carin Behrens  0172-432 4717 or write a message


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