Enrich your expat stay in Germany

Flourish your time  through intercultural coaching

Turn your expat stay in Germany into an unforgettable experience with wonderful memories by understanding the German culture and language.


Moving abroad is like an exciting journey: it is an adventure. And you can compare it to many good stories: like Aladin, you venture out into a new area. Everything is exciting and you are very much in a positive mood. However, after the Honeymoon phase there will be obstacles or challenges. You get puzzled by the behaviour of many Germans. ....... and you have many questions. You may even question the decision to have moved abroad. Like Aladin, you need a companion to offer you some help.


Let me be your cultural and language mentor and let me work as your Gini. We strike the golden lamp and you will encounter many beautiful things in everyday German life which before has caused you negative feelings and stopped you to feel at ease and at home.


Do you feel lost in Germany?

Living abroad can be a challenge as you cannot express yourself as in your own language. It feels as if you are loosing a part of yourself. You can only show a small part of your personality as we express ourselves through language and body language.


The Honeymoon phase ,in which everything is new and beautiful, is over. There are more and more challenges challenges which need to be dealt with. In a strange and foreign environment. You are not on your own.


This is the time of asking yourself questions: was it the right choice to come to Germany? Why did I not stay at home where everything is familiar to me and where I feel safe.


It is important that we work on your mindset and turn it into a growth mindset. So you can embrace your journey with curiosity and openness. Change your mindset into a Growth Mindset which allows you to see mistakes or obstacles as challenges. It enables you to broaden your horizon and to personally grow through the encounter of new culture. The Gini will support you to develop this enrichening mindset so you can persist in the face of setbacks which happen in everybody's life.



The more open you are, the easier you will find it to life in and ENJOY Germany. It is all about enjoying life and make memories!



You are asking yourself: Is it only me who struggles to settle in?



Everybody around you seems to be getting on with their expat life – only you are struggling? Another myth: a lot of it is faked happiness.

An expat journey usually follows a certain pattern: you are excited about the new experience in the Honeymoon phase which is followed by the Culture Shock - and everybody faces this phase in various situations. So you are not the only one. However, often people consider it as failures to admit that not everything is a s easy as you may have thought at home. But how can you improve your situation if you do not openly talk about it and seek support? 


Again, we will work on your growth mindset to make it easier for you to be open to the new culture. With more cultural knowledge it will be asier for you to navigate your new and exciting journey in Germany.


Do you feel like a tailoring spouse?

Normally, the working partner has an easier time adjusting to Germany, habits and culture because of the working environment. There is a dayly rountine in the family: he/ she goes to work and the kids go to school. And you sit at home.


After the expat-honeymoon period in which everything is exciting and great, you feel left out. You may be waiting for a new job. Or just wondering what to do with your time. You may wonder what to do now.


Use the time in the new country for yourself. Germany has so much to offer to enrich your life. Follow your interests or start new things. You may want to study again, or really embrace learning German or attend cookery classes to learn the German dishes. There are unlimited options to turn this journey into your own and carve it into your own one.



You are puzzled by German behaviour?

You have been criticized and you are shocked by the German directness? Do not take it personally! This is the communication structure in Germany. German communication is very direct, especially at work. You may encounter your collegues criticizing you openly in a meeting. It is jot a personal attack. It is the German work structure.


You always need to bare this in mind: it is not about you personally.


Another example: it is Friday evening at work and you are waiting for somebody to come to your desk and suggest to go for a drink. ... In the huge majority of cases, nobody will come. Most Germans head home to their families. The mayority of Germans differentiates between collegues and friends. They usually do not mix these 2 circles.


Again, it is nothing against you. It is simply how the German society is structured.


As everything in Germany is based on structures, so are invitations or special occasion like anniversary be it of companies, societies***. Depending on the occasion there are different dress codes from very formal to a casual BBQ. Punctuality is vital: don't arrive to early and don't be late by more than 10 minutes - this applies for formal AND casual invites.

Dining etiquette needs to be considered: when you finish your plate  in China, it means that your host did not order enough. When you do so in Germany, then "the sun will shine the next day". 


You also need to think about the guest present: do not bring carnations as they are typical for funerals. And make sure to have an uneven number of flowers, like 7 roses.



Do you feel shame when you speak German?

 You are not using your German skills because you do not want to make a mistake. This a based on the old myth in school: a mistake is bad and we feel shame. Many of my language students want to wait untill they are perfect. But obviously this day will never come. Who is perfect?

Jump into the language. It is really like jumping into the water: you think it is too cold. But once you have jumped into the water and you swim and move around... then it feels fine, relaxing and you enjoy it.

Learning a language is the same: jump in. Talk to everybody. No matter which level of German you have. 

Order your favourite coffee in German and enjoy the smile of the barrister. Celebrate this magical moment. 

And ... consider each German person as a "private teacher".


You don't understand German festivities and traditions?

In your country you know all about festivities and traditions. Now you are outside your well-known world and culture. And this is your chance to enrich your life with new aspects. Be curious and embrace the novelties.

Seasonal feats and traditions are various in Germany. And each region even has their own ones. It will be exciting for you to find out what and how we celebrate. Like hiding choclate eggs for kids which the kids need to search for. Build paper laterns and going for a walk for St. Martinsday. Or buying ormaking advent calendars for your kids to shorten the time until xmas as they can open 1 door/ present per day. This tradition goes back to 1838 when the director of a boys' rescue home invented the Adventkranz (advent wreath) with 24 candles: when all candles were lit, then xmas has arrived.


Check out what is offered in your city and region and you will find many local activities, like neighbourhood festivals, musical festivals. 


How do I prepare myself for this huge change?

You are still in your home country and you start planning the move to Germany. You are very much looking forward to your adventure. But you are wondering how you can prepare yourself for this journey?

When you go on holiday, you read a travel guide or check the internet. When you want to prepare for your new life in Germany you need a cultural and language preparation..




How can my courses support you?

Germany has a very rich culture. Many famous artists, composers, writers and musicians are of German orign.


However, culture implies a lot more: it is also about the traditions and festivities. It is but how do the people think. And why they act and react in certain ways. How the society is structured.  How the people interact with each others. How things are done in work life and in private life.

Only when you understand the culture of a country you will be able to integrate and feel to be part of it. Then you enrich your culture with the new one and you will feel at home.

Welcome Course

      The Welcome Course is a good preparation for you when you plan to move to Germany or when you   

      have just arrived here.

       Welcome Course Hamburg offers you additional special insights into living in Germany's most beautiful


Cultural course

      How do Germans tick? What is typical German? This course will enable you to understand German

       society and thinking patterns

       German food and dinner etiquette Join a journey across Germany and learn about regional

       specialities. Also familiarise yourself with the specific table manners in exper this counrty.

       Traditions and festivities You will experience the many beautiful traditions that exist here. This will help

       you to interact in the society.

Premium course

         Feiertage, Bräuche und Traditionen ist eine Wanderung durch das Jahr in Deutschland mit inter-

         kulturellen Zwischenstopps. .

Why do I think I am your ideal cultural transformational coach?

I have been there myself.

As a student I moved to Ireland and worked as a German Language Assistant at Trinity Collge, Dublin. After my MA in German Literature and Linguistics I moved to London where I worked in a children's publishing house for more than 3 years. 

Back in Germany I had an agency for promotional items for 14 years and spent a lot of time in Hong Kong and China.

More than 8 years ago, I have decided to go back to teaching and coaching and helping expats to enjoy their stay in Germany.


Over the years, I have developed my own style of coaching with emphasis on a growth mindset to enrich expats' life with newly acquired culture and language knowledge.





Before we start working together

We will examine your current situation and check what your aims and goals are. The we can decide if we can work together to enrich your expat journey.

You will receive some material from me and then we meet at Zoom to discuss further.